About Us

At CollabSPACE, we believe in creating more than just a workspace; we’re cultivating a thriving community of dynamic professionals and entrepreneurs. One of our goal is to provide a collaborative environment where ideas flourish, connections thrive, and businesses grow.

About CollabSPACE

In 2007, the seeds of CollabSPACE were sown within the mind of our visionary founder, Jerich Calderon. As a dedicated online freelancer, he envisaged a space that transcended the traditional work environment, a haven where freelancers could unite and thrive together. Two years later, in 2009, fate interceded when Jerich crossed paths with an online seller who, remarkably, shared the exact same aspiration of establishing a coworking space in the picturesque city of Baguio. Their meeting marked the convergence of purpose and ignited the spark that would later illuminate CollabSPACE.

Fast forward to 2019, after completing the KMME program by DTI, Jerich took a leap of faith and transformed his vision into reality. With unwavering determination and belief in the power of collaboration, CollabSPACE was born, becoming the trailblazer of collaborative business ventures in the province. 

This marked the beginning of an exciting journey, where ideas would flourish, connections are made, and businesses would collaborate, all within the welcoming embrace of CollabSPACE.

Our Vision

To connect individuals and businesses in sharing resources, talents and success while building a strong and passionate community through collaboration.

Our Mission

To provide a space and platform for offline and online collaboration to local and online clients, partners and stakeholders in various industries.

Brands We've Collaborated With

We love collaboration. Here’s a collection of brands we’ve worked with over the years.

Let's Collaborate!

Embrace the power of collaboration and let’s turn your ideas into reality together. Contact us today and let’s start building something extraordinary!

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